Boosting skills through procurement

The Government is committed to using its procurement to find ways to partner more effectively with the construction sector to grow the size and skills of New Zealand’s construction workforce.

The aim of the 2nd Edition of the Construction Procurement Guidelines(external link), which became live on 1 October 2019, is to improve the quality and consistency of government construction procurement practices. They contain guidance on how to include skills training and development as a priority outcome as part of procurement processes. Government agencies will need to have suitable requirements in their contracts to ensure prime contractors report on the training being delivered by their subcontractors.

The updated guidelines are mandatory for a significant portion of government's construction projects valued at $9 million or more, and strongly encouraged for all others. Contracts for new schools, hospitals or infrastructure will take a smarter approach – the risks and the costs will be made transparent, out there and upfront in the negotiation.

This initiative is led by MBIE's NZ Government Procurement and Property Team.

Find out more about building skills through procurement.(external link)