Boosting skills through procurement

Government agencies can use their capital investment to find ways to partner more effectively with the construction sector to deliver better value, and better outcomes, for New Zealand.

Investing in workforce development and training will help New Zealand create a more sustainable construction sector. One way Government agencies can assist is by giving skills and training a weighting in the tender process for large construction projects which they initiate.

To make this practice uniform across government agencies, these requirements will be incorporated into the 4th Edition of the Government Procurement Rules. The ‘Rules’ have been consulted on with the industry and will be published in mid-2019.

This is not without challenges, as approximately 90 per cent of the work in large Crown projects is subcontracted to other businesses.

It will mean that government agencies will need to have suitable requirements in their contracts to ensure prime contractors report on the training being delivered by their subcontractors.

This initiative is led by MBIE’s NZ Government Procurement and Property Team.

Find out more about building skills through procurement.(external link)