Manukau Jobs and Skills Hub

South Auckland’s construction boom needs a pipeline of skilled workers for major projects. ATEED research predicts 15,000 new jobs in construction will be created in this part of the city over the next decade*.

Manukau Jobs and Skills Hub opened in August 2019 and works with education providers, schools and businesses to help local people get into these jobs.

For jobseekers, the Hub offers free services like CV writing, job interview training, advice on training and certifications and career guidance.

Read an example of Manukau Jobs and Skills Hub help people into trades.(external link)

For employers, the Hub helps businesses find the right people at the right time from the local community, and upskill workers through training.

You can find this Hub at Level 2, 21 Putney Way, Manukau, Auckland, or email the team.

Picture of people in the Manukau jobs and skills hub

The team at Manukau Jobs and Skills Hub.

*According to ATEED’s Future of Work Research(external link).

Last updated: 19 December 2019